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07-23-2004, 05:57 AM
I have skimmed and perused the forum postings that deal with multi-room set-ups. Thereís a lot of good information there, but my inexperienced self canít quite seem to apply it all to achieve certain goals.

Background information:

I just moved into a new construction house. The family room is pre-wired for 5.1 surround (2 front and 2 rear connections wired and terminated behind the TV). I will just hook up the sub and center channel directly to the receiver.

Also terminated at this location are wires from 2 sets of speakers in other rooms. The kitchen and deck speakers are built-in with volume controls and wired to the family room.

My old Sony STR-DE415 with the A/B outputs canít handle this.

---> Time for a new receiver. I need something with a sub output anyways.

Goal #1: Output 5.1 surround into the family room AND stereo into the kitchen and deck speakers Ė all from the same source.
Goal #2: Output 5.1 surround into the family room, and stereo into the kitchen and deck speakers Ė from 2 different sources (kitchen and deck speakers on the same source).

Goal #1 would be good, Goal #2 would be great.

So, I need multi-room. I donít want to put another amp/receiver in the system anywhere if I can help it. I need to be able to tie the kitchen/deck speakers together somehow Ė is this where the speaker selector thing would work??

Other info:

I am married with 2 smaller kids (youngest is 4). Translated, this means I need something that sounds good at lower volumes and doesnít cost a fortune. I will crank up the music fairly loud when they arenít around, too.
Music and TV/movies sound quality are of equal importance. No video games.
I will be buying new speakers soon, but havenít picked them out yet. Still working on the wife re: speaker size and cost. Current likely speakers are Klipsch SB2ís for the front and SB1ís for the rear. SC-1 for the center.
The sub (JBL PB10) will stay in the system.

I was about ready to buy the Onkyo 601. Itís manual says that if you hook up Zone 2, then Zone 1 reverts to stereo. Not good.

Iíve looked up some info on the AVR 7200 and the AVR 330. Will the AVR330 do what I need?? Itís 55 watts per channel sounds too weak.

Any other receivers that cost under $750 (preferably $500) that might work??

Thanks for any help and sorry for sounding like the newbie I am.


07-24-2004, 02:39 PM
I don't think you sound like a newbie, you know what you want.

I'm using Denon AVC-A11SR which certainly is more affordable in the states but maybe a bit over your pricerange.
What i will tell is that it succesfully play surround in Zone 1 and stereo from another source in zone 2.
But costly as it is it still have drawbacks:
1. It requires a external amp for zone 2 for wich I currently use a cheap Cambridge P500.
2. It doesn't convert digital sources to analog for zone 2.
Just wich I could listen to DVD, sat. or my CD-changer optically in Zone 2.

We use zone 2 almost regulary in our bedroom.
My wife rests there enjoying records, tapes or radio.
While I watch DVD and record a third source on tape, that has happened!

07-24-2004, 03:52 PM
go with the HK ( ease of use for multi-zone), assign the back surrounds to the second zone-kitchen/deck, connect a speaker selector ( a very good one!!!) to those terminals then wire your kitchen and deck speakers to the selector. This should work with 5.1 playing in the family room with another source playing in kitchen. If you want to listen on the deck just depress the appropiate button on the speaker selector.

08-03-2004, 07:37 AM
I am in similar situation with my parent's new house. I told my dad I would look in to a multi-room receiver system. The house, which is 5 years old, has at least 3 zones:

#1 2 speakers in the Master Bedroom
#2 2 speakers outside on the patio
#3 4 speakers in the living room and one in the kitchen

All wires are routed to one location. What is the best way to connect this, and with what hardware. I have a 5.1 channel system at home, but that is as far as my stereo knowledge goes. Any help would be appreciated.