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07-22-2004, 02:38 AM
alright, im brand new, and i figured someone here could help me with this. I just bought the new Onkyo HTS 770 and im using a Samsung HD841 DVD player. ive got the dvd player connected to a 51 inch projection sony with a monster DVI cable, and ive got the DVD player connected to the onkyo receiver with a monster Fiber Optic cable. the problem im having is that when i switch the receiver to dolby digital output, the center speaker volume is ridiculously low. even when i raise the DB ( anywhere from 1 to 12 ) it gets louder, but its sounds like youre listening in on a loud phone conversation. I have some options on the dvd player such as:

PCM / Bitstream
DTS on/off
dynamic compression on/off
PCM DownSampling on/off

when i have the dvd player on PCM, all the speakers sound fine, so i know the speaker isnt blown or anything, but with PCM i cant get a digital signal ( i think ). when i put it on Bitstream ( which is the proper setting for using a digital decoder ), the center volume is all dropped and weird. So my question is, what can i do to make the center volume sound normal. ive heard that the DVD can be the problem, ive tried 3 different movies including Lord Of The Rings 2 and i know that wasnt recorded in a poor fashion haha. So if anyone has any suggestions please let me know, i feel like ive tried everything, but im sure theres something im overlooking or forgetting. Let me know if you can, thanks guys.