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07-21-2004, 12:06 AM
I have a few questions about this player and I was hoping some members here would have some answers. There is suprisingly little info on this player on the net.

How is the picture quality compared to a player like the Pioneer DV-563a?

Does it come in both colors, silver and black, or just black?

What does the video upsampling 54Mhz do?

Are there any odd quirks to know about?

How well does the bass management of this player do? (I currently use large fronts with no sub, but plan to add a good sub later.)

Since my receiver doesn't do DTS, will this player add the .1 track into the mains if I tell it I have large mains and no sub?

If you own one, what is your overall impression? Would you recommend this player? I have found them for about 140-150. Would this be a better deal than say the Sony DVPNC685V (for around 230)?

This player does something called "CD upsampling". How does this work and how does it sound?

I have some 20bit cds, can this play them using the 20 bits?

I'm really most interested in if the player will add the .1 from Dolby Digital and DTS tracks to my mains if I tell it I have no sub. If you have this player, could you test this for me?

Also, I was looking through the manual and came across something it didn't explain. On page 41 of the manual, there is a picture of the video menu of the player. The third item down is labeld "monitor type". What does this change? There is already a tv shape and a tv system for ntsc or pal. The manual never says what this option does.

Philips DVD795SA Manual (