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07-20-2004, 08:21 AM
Checked this out from the library yesterday after hearing a lot about it over the years. Most of you probably already know the story behind the name, but for those who don't a brief synopsis is that David Grisman and Tony Rice get together to record Tone Poems in 1993 and Jerry Garcia comes over to the studio to jam for a couple nights with them, all just for fun and all captured on tape by the engineer. And then later some of the jam starts showing up on the radio and on bootleg CDs and finally they figured out that a pizza boy delivering to the Garcia house swiped a cassette of the mixes that was lying on the counter and spread it around. So a few years later Grisman gets over feeling mad about it and decides to release the "real" version, HDCD encoded and sounding very good and hence the cover art and name.

Anyway, these guys can really play, no doubt about that. Amazing at times. But to be honest, it kind of goes in one ear and out the other at times too. When they really hit a stride that holds my interest, like on the traditional "Shady Grove", it's almost magical. And even sounds pretty darn good on my notebook right now, decoded through WMP.