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Finch Platte
07-19-2004, 06:44 AM
So, I'm making a comp of new/old stuff for myself and a few select folks. I'm almost done, when I realized the order on the second disc is out o' whack. fock!

Now I have several copies of the second disc to give away. PM me, and I'll send 'em off. No trades neccesary. C'mon you lurkers, now's your chance!



Somewhere In Time– Los Lobos
Memory– Sugarcult
Empty Me– Jeremy Camp
Alive– Ima Robot
Take Me Away– Sarah Kelly
Seven Days– Dexter Danger
Running In Circles– The Berlin Project
Like You Like An Arsonist– Paris Texas
Give It Up– Midtown
The War– Melee
Someday– Campfire Girls
The Little Things– Matthew Ryan
Drain The Blood– The Distillers
Who’s Gonna Save Us– The Living End
Good Luck– Eszter Balint
Fake A Smile– Radford
Prescription– Vext
Give Me More– Apartment 26
Somebody Told Me– The Killers
Silence– Gomez
Because We Love You– Juliana Hatfield
C’mon C’mon– The Von Bondies