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07-18-2004, 07:27 PM
Really cool news! My dad's letting me borrow his B&W CDM 1SE surround speakers for a week, so I can look for new CD players! :-)

As I said before, I need a new CD player b/c my Toshiba is struggling to read CD's like molasses trying to rise in the middle of a Janurary snowstorm. It plays DVD's just fine. So I get to use the B&W CDM 1SE's while I evaluate new CD players.

How much do B&W CDM 1SE's sound like the Nautilus series I'll probably get? If I need to evaluate new CD players, I'm thinking using these will be a lot closer to what I'll have later than the current mass market speakers I have now.

I have 3 options so far. What do you think:

1) Buy new Arcam CD73 ($699 maybe less with a deal) and is upgradeable

2) Buy slightly used Arcam CD82 for around $800 or so

3) Buy new Cambridge Audio 640 for $499 and possibly upgrade with external DAC (maybe Bel Canto or what not) when I start working and have $.

Which of these, if any, would you do? Would you suggest something else?