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07-15-2004, 05:44 AM
anyone out there know anything about this brand? sounded good to me, the salesman made a good pitch. haven't decided yet. any thoughts?

07-15-2004, 09:28 PM
I own the set (procinema 100.6) and have been happy with it. HOWEVER, there were times that I wish I had gotten the Promonitor 200s. They are not that much more money. Unfortunately I was living in an apartment at the time and unable to get anything much better (neighbors hated me =)). In terms of a good pitch... if he offered anything under 20% off then it probably wasn't that good of a pitch. The Definitive Technology speakers that I have bought have been at least 20 % and as much as 34% off of M.S.R.P. In terms of quality, I haven't had any quality issues whatsoever with my promonitors. I have kicked them (after they dropped on my foot of course), dropped them, and still they have no rattles and the sound quality is excellent. If you do have problems though they have a 5 year warranty. I had a little issue with my prosub 100tl and the grille. One of the "trees" where the cover snaps on to broke. Within a couple of days I received a bag full of them for free with complete instructions on how to replace them. Also Chet, the guy who handles the support, is very helpful with any issues that you may have regarding placement help and setup issues.

In terms of the performance of the promonitors, bass rolls off rapidly well before they reach their 50 hz rating so you will need to get them with a subwoofer if you want full range sound. Also if your receiver has an eq it's best to try different settings. When I had my Sony v333es it took a while to find what sounded best, though they did sound good with a flat eq setting. These were the first real speakers that I owned. I could hear details in music that I didn't realize were there before. That said... even though I love Definitive Technology speakers it is still best to go out and audition other speakers in the same price range. I auditioned Martin Logan, Magnepan, B&W, Energy, Monitor Audio as well as several other speaker manufacturers before I finally made my decision. Good luck with your shopping!!