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12-03-2003, 05:57 PM
all right heres the thing, my dad recently got this set of speakers from my stepmoms friend, the only problem is that i can not find anything about them online, nothing about the name, company, model or anything. The box mentions RDI, and the name of the company is dynalabs and the speakers are identical and for what i know of the innards of speakers look to be of good construction and good materials. Their power range is supposedly 15 to 200 watts and some other stuff i could find out if it would help to find anything out about them. the thing is that my dad already had one of the small home theater systems from walmart, sorry to disgrace this website with the mention of 200 dollar systems! lol lol He didnt pay for them, good for him, but he wants to know if it is worth the money to buy a reciever to power them or if he should use them as a paper weight, a very heavy ass paper weight!!!! if you know anything about them or the company i would appreciate any information that anyone would have, the only other thing is that the quality approval sticker on the back of them both are dated to june 99 leading me to believe that if they are real they might be worth something and one of you would like to buy them

thank bgstv33 :) peace
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12-03-2003, 06:43 PM
The Dynalab speakers are basically sold through an unscrupulous network of scam artists who peddle them usually out of the back of a truck or "white van." They are one of many brands (Acoustic Monitor, Dogg Digital, Dahlton, etc.) sold this way, and they are rarely as good as the scammers say they are. Basically, they are glorified paperweights, depending on how much you paid for them. If you got them for free, then they will certainly play music. But, they are nowhere near good enough to build an entire system around them. You can use them in the meantime, but I wouldn't look at them for the long-term. My uncle and a friend from college both got taken in by these scammers, and I've heard those speakers first hand -- very mediocre. The link below has some of the typical "white van" horror stories


The thing with audio is that if you constantly buy bargains, then you wind up with a house full of mediocre gear. These white van speakers are sold to people basically looking to get something for practically nothing, but it bites them in the backside instead.

You gotta treat an audio purchase like you would any major investment. Buying something sold through the back of some stranger's vehicle is no way to buy a car, or a house, or stocks, right? Same thing goes for speakers Do comparison shopping, try things out, decide what you like, and buy for quality. If high performance and sound quality are not critical to your enjoyment of home theatre, then the WalMart system will be good enough. But, if you want to build a moderately high performance system, then you need to do your homework and build a system using quality components. And if you want quality, you generally have to pay for it, although there's plenty of great value in the low cost components as well, just not necessarily with the cheap all-in-one systems that you find at Costco and WalMart.