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07-12-2004, 07:03 PM
But not the way I thought they would. Having only heard the name and none of thier music, I did not ask for this comp having preconcieved notions that they, well..suck. Even the name of the comp hints to them sucking so when I first opened the package from Finch, I felt bad that he wasted time and energy as well as shipping on me. Man was I ever surprised!

At first, I was imediately reminded of another band I think sucks, The Burned Out Chilly Peppers. With the stop start tempo and overdone bass I was sure it sucked now. I gave it a few half a song previews in the car before playing it for the wife on the big rig. Unlike the Chilly Peppers, I started to realy get into this disk on the 3rd listen. I just love lead bass and this guy is an animal to say the least. I will however admit that the guy from the CPs is a rather good bassist but I still can't listen to them cause I can't determine where one song ends and the next begins. They all sound the same.

Ok back to primus.....without looking this band up, I am assuming it is a trio of bass geetar and drums. Although the groove of the majority of songs can appear similar, the differences outwieghed them. I love this guys power chord assslappin style with his bass. Not too sure where the song names come from but once I got past the wierdness of the words and vocals, I was hooked. Have a Cigar is a nice cover. Tommy The Cat is wild, starting out like the middle jam of a Carl Filipiak tune and jammin all the way thru. Mr Krinkle is another catchy one I liked. Too many Puppies can stick in your head but since it is anti war-puppet I got into it.

So for a band totally new to me, I was real happy to get this surprise disk in the mail. The other disk you sent, Gary also has a few good tracks on it including one of Joss Stones more powerful tunes. Nice to hear this without my pre amp freaking out as it does with the copy of Soul Sessions I got. Seems like it can't handle some of the cdrs I get like Troys Garage Band.

Thanks for the toonies Finch and if ya haven't heard it already, Jerry Sienfelds "I'm Telling You For The Last Time" disk is a friggin riot. I damn near lost a few fingers preparing the fixins for pasta sauce the other day after a friend lent it to me.


07-12-2004, 08:13 PM
Yeah man. Primus is Rushs crazy inbread cousin. They rock, and Les Claypool(bass) is slightly off in the head enough to be a musical genius. They have been around since 1989, with thier first album "Suck on this" recorded live in Berkeley, Cal. Good to see somebody who listens to them. Cya