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07-12-2004, 02:34 PM
I understand that two channel audio only sends two signals to the speakers, however, I do not understand if it is only 2 speakers that can be used with 2 channels? I am putting together a system that will have 4 bookshelf speakers, a CD player, and a receiver, and I need to know if a two channel receiver is all I need because it will only be music as opposed to surround sound. Otherwise, would I be needing a 5 channel stereo feature on whatever receiver I get if I am wrong about 4 speakers being used with a 2 channel receiver?

07-12-2004, 04:48 PM
many stereo receivers provide output for four speakers, usually labeling them speakers "A" and speakers "B". the receiver then should give you the option of listening to speakers, "A", "B" or "A&B" so if all you want is to play music out of four speakes simaltaneously, then all you need is a stereo receiver that supports 4 speakers (has four outputs and many do). However newer audio such as DVDaudio is designed to be played in sorround mode (but it does not have to be played that way) to take advantage of these new forms you will need a receiver that supports sorround sound 5.1, 6.1....

hopefully that cleared up any questions you had good luck

I currently own this receiver which would do what you are asking. I actually am thinking about getting an a/v receiver so if it seems to be right for you I would think about selling it


good luck