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Dale M
07-11-2004, 06:22 PM
Im wondering about my sub connection. I am coming out of the reciever from the sub-out plug and going into the (Sub In) plug on the sub, there is also a plug in that says,Direct In,
right beside it, both are under the low level heading, and wondering what this is used for??
Also is there any advantage to coming straight from the receiver into the Sub first with the left and right speaker wires and then to the speakers? the receiver is an HK-225 and I dont think you can set the crossover points for the sub thro the receiver,I have put a couple pictures of the rear of the sub on here so you can see what Im talking about,,
And one last question,, as you can see the sub is kindof wedged in between 2 couchs it works well there as you can't really tell where the sound is coming from but you can feel it, , but I am wondering if Anyone has any expierence with Butt Kickers?? I like to feel the ground shake in some movies.
Dale M

07-11-2004, 06:41 PM
i have another model athena sub, which does not have both of thoughs. just the 1

does the manual have to say anything about it?

personally i like the bass performance of subs better when the sub cable is run from the receiver into it rather then the speaker wire. to me the speaker wire method is only if you dont have the sub out like on some stereo amplifiers. i'am also sure that some people hear wont agree with me on this but its a matter of opinion. it looks like youve got some good sized towers, the athena with thoughs must really shake that room huh? that athena is a good 400 watts peak.

07-12-2004, 01:18 AM
The only time you would want to route your speakers through your sub is if they are incapable of providing full range sound or if your speakers need additional help on the low end. The sub will handle the frequencies up to the crossover setting and the speakers the rest. I use this option with my rear center surrounds because they are bookshelf speakers. Routing them through the sub allows me to set them to "Large" on my receiver instead of "Small". As for the benefits... I didn't hear any difference hooking up my speakers through the sub or the sub on LFE separate from the speakers (when I was just using the sub/sat for my home theatre).