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07-09-2004, 03:40 PM
I am completely remodeling my house. My sound system is 20 years old and dying. Time to replace the pans, Dennon, AR stuff and upgrade to home theater as well. The cat recently decided to make friends with the pans anyway, they are now more or less a kids science experiment to repair. And the cat has no more claws.
That said, I am out of touch with many new technologies as my old ones worked well for so long. But after listening to some new equipment I was amazed at how the Martin Logans vastly improved on the fast and clean magnaplaner sound I love so much. I also really like the sunfire EQ sub as well as the sunfire amp/preamp combo. I wan't another 20 happy years of listening whn I am done.
That said, I would appreciate some advice on model's to use and placement ideas for the Mark Logans as I have an older house with some odd rooms. I am going to remake 2 areas into sound/TV rooms, one is shaped like an "L", the longer part is approximately 15'x10' and 8' ceiling and the shorter part of the "L" steps up a few feet and is 9'x8' with a 4'-9" ceiling, Note that the floor steps up, the ceiling stays flat. The other room is 15'x24' with an 8' ceiling. These are rooms we live in, so i can't just place a chair or two in the middle. The spaces won't be completely full of stuff but will have couches, etc. I am replacing the furniture as well
Placement and which model's will fit best is the real question I have. I also need to stay in the 10k to 15k range total on speakers. The "L" room can probably use the wall hanging logans and the floor models on the larger room. I have no problem adding acoustic panels to walls/ceiling etc. since I am remodeling anyway. But placemnt in these varied shapes can be mind bending sometimes. Took me forever, and lots of bad words, to get the Pans to sound right in the larger room before. (The cat also has a new knickname I can't print here.)
If needed Ill do one room later, but both now would be nice. I want as clean and balanced as I can afford to get it.
All ideas and help are appreciated.
Take care all

07-13-2004, 12:44 PM
The problems with planars is that they are not room friendly - ie; you need to find excact spots for them to sound good they have typically a small window or sweetspot. ML makes impressive sounding speakers as you know - and few boxed designs will sound much like them. But it is important to get synergy with your room as well - not much point in a speaker that needs a certain kind of room you cannot provide.

I gather you want One surround sound system - you're talking about two rooms so it was a bit confusing. I have not heard the new upper ML line up but the oddysy at 9kCdn was very good. I was less impressed with the Aerius 1 and the Aeon(Sp?) which is newer. They don't have the drive dynamics or cohesiveness required for music I listen to - at least not given the above 3kCdn prices.

Most dealers will let you try them out at home and that is really the best suggestion anyone can provide. And of course there are other Electrostat makers like Quad available. You may want to post on a more upscale forum

07-19-2004, 07:07 PM
The room is 11'-8"x21'-2" with an 8' ceiling. I am going to add acoustic panels directly to the ceiling and some sound treatment to the walls as well. Also new carpet goes in soon. The entrance and doors are all 4'+ from the back corners of the room. The logans will be prodigy in front, theater in mid and the Ascent in back.
I have one more question to add. After looking around some, and basiclly realizing how out of touch I can be, I realize my amp/preamp choice may be skewed some from the past. Has anyone here tried the Bryston stuff on logans to see how they work together? Namely the SP 1.7 preamp and the 9B SST Pro amplifier? Looking at prices and reviews the bryston seems to have a very comparable system to the high end krell at a lower price. I liked the way they are reviewed as being "neutral" and "5 sperate monoblok amps". I know it is easy to fall prey to well written words, but they seem consistent on numerous reviews for what that is worth. I also liked the way the revel and Martin logan sub's sounded over the sunfire. I am open to suggestion always. No Bryston dealers around tulsa, ok I know of.
I prefer to hear what I put in as much as possible, be it rock, classical, country or movie effects. And yes I do listen to them all. I love music and movies. Some people climb mountains, I dissapear into my music and movies.
I also need to make this a long term buy. I won't be able to upgrade for another 10 to 20 years. Maybe not then dependiong on the retirement funds. I am not rich, just determined.
My cat, minus claws, also will not run away when the sound is clean, lol. Always a good sign.
Help is appreciated.

07-19-2004, 11:08 PM
Bryston is excellent with ML. My old dealer ran Bryston Monoblocks with his Oddyseys - outstanding combination. Krell is overpriced and frankly I don't think SS gets much better than Bryston - if I was to consider a SS amp it would be Sugden - but if I needed high power SS amplification it would be Bryston.

20 year tranferable warrant and excellent customer service besides should not be overlooked either.

07-21-2004, 03:21 PM
I am having a hard time finding a Bryston dealer close to tulsa ok. Closest Logan dealer for that matter is an hour plus away. I have friends in Kansas city I stay with there so that is not a prob. just a fairly wicked smiling hangover when I go home.
So I am researching a lot. I find most everyone who ownws Bryston really likes them. But there seems to be some preamp discusion that the SP 1 actually has a cleaner more neutral sound than the SP 1.7. But the SP 1.7 has more additional toys added.
Before I travel to hear them, and if i get a gift from the audio gods and find someplace close that also carries logans so I can hear it all together. I would appreciat your opinion, if you have tried the two preamps out. I really want want clean and neutral in electronics. Toys are nice but I can't afford it all. This will max me out com pletely as it is. So I will only have one good shot and you seem to have a fairly open and balanced opinion from what i gather here and other places as well.
Your help is appreciated.