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07-09-2004, 06:28 AM
gday all!
let me introduce a real marble sub woofer Alto Stradivarius.
this is a real marble. do you like it? let me know what do you think about it please

07-09-2004, 07:25 AM
I got this from their website;

"Alto Stradivarius is being made from special-property marble "

The cyrillic lettering on this site suggests that this is imported from either Greece or more likely Russia. From the way it is being marketed, I have a hunch it is a small garage type operation and the unit is merely "packaged" by the maker with largely preassembled parts.

I've bought marble for a previous home as decorative wall and floor tile. It is an attractive but difficult material. Real marble which this seems to be is a natural product which is quarried (cut from rock) and because it is a natural product, no two pieces are exactly alike. This can be true of wood also. To be sure, marble can have flaws, it is pourous and can chip, crack, be permanently stained or marred, or sustain other unrepairable damage. Unlike wood, it will not flex at least not to anywhere nearly the same degree for a given thickness and for all practical intents and purposes, each slab is rigid which would make for an excellent speaker enclosure (RGA's idol Peter Qtwerp notwithstanding.) So is ceramic tile, granite, concrete (which can have a decorative exterior applied) and other materials. I don't know what "special properties" are. That could mean anything and I am always suspicious when I read a word like that without explanation because it suggests to me that the seller wants you to read more into it than is really there. I didn't see any prices either and I have a hunch they are negotiable.

Personally, I would not buy this. I don't see anything to distinguish it from other subwoofers. What would you do if you need repairs? If I needed a subwoofer, I'd look at Part's Express Titanic III series which strike me as excellent units, excellent values and you can save even more if you build their one hour kit. That would probably be about what this guy does at his "factory."

Resident Loser
07-09-2004, 07:52 AM chart it's the Ukraine...

One photo under the last hi-fiski headingski shows an amp with four massive vac tubes and four smaller ones being fed by a discman-type player...that should be enough to scare the he!! out of the audiophile-types 'round here!

I didn't realize that subs came in alto and tenor versions...

P.S. Look for the $20 bill...and an ad for Tupperware!...and they say everyone hates us...

jimHJJ(...must be something in the translation...)

07-09-2004, 08:09 AM
Sometime around the 1960s Wharfedale came out with their WD series which had two wooden enclosures, one inside the other with sand filling between them making them virtually inert structurally. I thought then that this was an extraordinarily clever idea and have never understood why it wasn't widely copied. It's cheap and effective. Just don't go drilling holes in it (You wouldn't want to do that with marble either.)

I like the tubes in the amplifier having little horns coming out of the tops of them in this picture.

Do you think that amplifier would be good for listening to "The Devil's Trill?"

Resident Loser
07-09-2004, 11:41 AM
...perhaps Danse Macabre or The Mephisto Waltz or maybe Orpheus in the Underworld...

Which reminds me, if he was Offenbach was he ever Brahms?

Those Warfdales musta' been he!! to ship...


07-11-2004, 04:03 AM
thank you for comment.
"special properties" means a realy type of marble exactly. many type of marble be in existence. and wood too. do you know the difference between any? I'm sure - you're.
I find the best sort for subwoofer. I worked lot of time for it. it's my problem and my elation. I'm just want to communicate about it. apropos marble work up using drill in contrast to granite. it's need perforator.I'm from Ukraine. it's ok. I wont keep it back.
marble imported from Italy. not from Russia or Greece. it's not a problem. the same delivery cost. but Italian marble is the best.
about price. I don't sale it directly. my agents sell it. I have price for partners only. it's not expensive.
Tenor - the same as Alto, but bigger a little. 12" driver.
Bass - 2pcs 10" drivers. now we are working for wideband satellite. I'll show it for you ASAP.
I don't know how will be listening to "The Devil's Trill?" but "Dazed and Confused" - makes crazy bass. I never heared deeper bass before. :)