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04-16-2023, 10:28 AM
Good evening everyone. I apologize for the poor English as I am writing from Italy. I recently bought the small speaker in question here and I'm pleasantly surprised by the build quality and above all the sound. I'm currently using it with two Tuners that alternate with a switch unit, two old HT but musical amps, a Denon AVR 3300 and a Marantz SR 7000. Placed on pedestals filled with lead pellets and white sand. Help from a Velodyne CT 120 sub when using the Denon and a REL Storm3 with the Marantz. Small room of 14 m2. Vocals are warm yet detailed. I own some CDM 7 NTs, and I can say that although these are obviously more complete and even more refined, the little 600 s3s make themselves listened to with the same extreme pleasure, so much so that at a certain point one could even live with these minis without too many regrets. even with the CDM 7 it is a matter of having something more ......

05-30-2023, 06:25 PM
Nice purchase. I remember reading about the 600 s3's at the time they were new but never knew anyone who had a pair therefore I never had a chance to listen. Curious, did you get the black with black front baffle or the lighter wood model with the gray front baffle?