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07-03-2004, 05:40 PM
I'm shopping for a new receiver. I'm considering the Onkyo TX-NR901, Denon AVR-3805 and Yamaha RX-V2400. I plan to use at least 2 zones. On zone 1 I'll have my 5.1 home theater set-up and on zone 2 I'll have 7 pairs of spreakers (99% audio only) throughout the house with seperate volumn controls in each room. Any thought on which receiver would work best?

Also is a power amp (which model) necessary, desirable, unneccesary with any of these receivers? Are speaker switchers necesary or desirable (I do have seperate volumn controls in each room)

Thanks for any and all help

07-04-2004, 06:36 AM
...if you're EVER going to run all or even most of your speakers at once, you'll be WAY underbuying on equipment. consider this: you're running up to 19 speakers at a time off receivers designed to handle, at most, 7. it's the equivalent of trying to fit 19 children into a ford taurus :D . what i'd recommend...at a BARE MINIMUM...is that you go to a separate 2 channel stereo receiver for the other 7 and do the main receiver for your surround sound. you'll be able to connect the two for all your sources, but the power won't be divided so radically. ideally, you should look at something like the niles gloria multi source/zone receiver. it's got a toroidal power supply that will keep you from burning up your receiver and/or blowing your speakers from not having enough power.

hope this helps