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02-21-2023, 09:22 AM
Howdy, who can help me to find true Amazon reviews? Hope to hear from somebody with useful tips.

02-21-2023, 03:02 PM
Hello to all. I write company reviews quite often when I use their services or buy some products. For this, I use the Amazon or eBay which is better ( online site, as I like it the most. Sometimes they tell me that I am doing something that is not necessary, but in reality, this is far from the case. Since each of my reviews is an opportunity to improve the level of service for the company, and this is useful for all customers of the company. Therefore, I encourage everyone to also write reviews.

06-02-2023, 03:33 AM
Which items on Amazon are restricted and how can I get more information about them? I would like to learn about the process of selling and buying such goods in order to be aware of all the necessary details and requirements.

06-02-2023, 03:36 AM
Restricted items on Amazon include categories such as medical devices, food, cosmetics, drugs, and copyrighted items. For more information on selling and buying amazon restricted products (, we recommend that you refer to the Help section on Amazon Seller Central or Buyer Help on the Amazon website. There you will find detailed guidelines, rules, and requirements related to each category of restricted items. Alternatively, you can contact Amazon Seller or Buyer Support for specific information and answers to your questions.