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07-02-2004, 05:05 PM
I am trying to find a good way to connect my PC radio reception to my audio system. I have tried wireless FM systems with poor results. Since I have a cable TV connection near my PC and one near my audio system can I use the cable to transmit audio from my PC to my audio system? I would need a connector from my PC sound card to the cable outlet and a connector from my cable outlet to the audio receiver aux connector. It would be desireable to have a Y connector and a switch to select either TV or audio in the line between the cable outlet and the audio receiver/TV. Is this possible? Will it work? Problems?

What connectors/cable and switches should I use to make this work?

We live in the Colorado Mountains and do not have decent radio reception.

Bill Braun

This Guy
07-02-2004, 05:22 PM
How bout you just buy a 1/8" to rca cable? Connect the 1/8" plug to your computers soundcard and the analog rca's to one of the inputs on your receiver.