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06-29-2004, 12:52 PM
I currently have a perfectly matched Infinity Delta series 5.1 system. 4 Delta 60's, a delta center, and an Infinity sub.

I'm upgrading my receiver to 7.1 and am in the market for some new speakers. It would be great to find some more Deltas, but they're *hard* to come by (anybody know of any for sale??)

So I'm looking for suggestions. There are probably some older or newer Infinity speakers out there which would be a good match. The Deltas are somewhat unique with their carbon woofers and EMIT-R tweeters.

I've considered older kappa's or something similar, or even building my own pair using EMIT tweeters off of Ebay (possibly even cannibalized from their current Kappa series car speakers?).

I've also even gone so far as to consider abandoning my aging Delta's for something new alltogether.... (my dream would be to design and build my own.. but who knows about that)