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Bush bush
07-23-2021, 04:17 PM
Iím new, posted to the wrong category so I will try it here instead

I am trying to build a budget home theatre system(used components)

I can get 4 celestion 5 mkii for 150.00. I read a lot of reviews and it seems they are high quality stuff and then I read that they are early 90s speakers and probably same vintage of reviews. I also seen lots of good reviews on the klipsch rsx 5, they are 30 years newer lol

My questions are, how good are the mkii compared to the klipsch rsx 5?
If you owned the mkii would you be searching for an upgrade or are they still good sounding compared to the newer stuff?

I had some old stereo I had from 20 years ago and now am trying to improve and actually use, so for now itís nuance powered towers in the front and a very large nuance sub, I have upgraded my reciever to the NAD t773 and want to start with the surround speakers to eventually have a very good theatre system that can still put out the odd time playing music loud and clean

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Bush bush
07-24-2021, 06:30 AM
And now I see a pair of paradigm mini monitors v2, where would they fit comparing to the old mkii

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