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05-16-2021, 06:59 PM
Hi everyone,

I wish I get perfect answer to my question about Shumann Resonator devices regarding its health impact to human.

I know all its benefits to the audio and after i purchased HFTs (which hugely surprised me how significantly improve the sound) now I'm interested to buy FEQX4 (which as far i know does work same way as a Schumann Resonator) for my listening home room. But I never use these devices in the past, I'm just worry that since this unit generating RF radiation (rather cancel or removing EFI/EMI in the room) for 24 hours inside home is it possible cause health problem?

Is there any reports that these devices not recommended for home residential use?

So far I found none of that exist, I just want to see someone have experience these devices and make sure its perfectly safe for home use.

Otherwise i use only HFTs adding more if that "might" get me closer to Schumann Resonator SQ but without adding FEQX4.