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06-25-2004, 01:20 PM
I've never been to the stadium on Randall's Island (this is an island in the East River that's kinda between Manhattan, Queens, & the Bronx, and Downing Stadium is where competitive trials for the Olympics were once held, among other sporting events), but it looks like I'm headed there. On Saturday, August 14th, for Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival. Headlining are Iggy & The Stooges, co-headlining are the New York Dolls. I keep hearing rumors that the DTK/MC5 will play also, but no official mention yet. Other acts playing that day include the Pretty Things, Moonie Suzuki, the Electric Prunes, Bo Diddley, the Raveonettes, the Cynics, the Troggs, the Fuzztones, the Star Spangles, the Chesterfield Kings, and 15 other bands including...the Romantics? Also reputed to be playing are the Strokes; they're not listed on the Ticketmaster bill, but I saw a press release claiming they're on the main stage also.

I've never been to Lollapalooza & I'm not big on outdoor festivals, but this is a worthy exception. Shows like this don't come along every day. If you're lucky I'll post a review, for both of you that care...just kidding! So who's going to come to NYC for this?

06-25-2004, 02:16 PM
Is this thing going on the road, or is the New York date the only thing going on. I may have to rethink my position on festivals for the New York Dolls in particular, although to be honest, I'd take any single of the top few bands on that list in a good small venue over seeing the loe of 'em at once in a festival atmosphere.

Let us know how it is. Sounds like a good time, and likely real close to your dream lineup.

06-25-2004, 05:07 PM
I went to the Guiness Fleagh (spelling?) at Randalls Island a few years ago - biggest gripe was the scheduling - it seemed every band I wanted to see was playing at the same time...
I guess thats the nature of festivals - the main stage was tough to see a show - your basically sitting on concrete steps - incredibly uncomfortable - we ditched the main stage to see the side stages which we found to be more enjoyable and laid back. I've lived in NYC ny whole life and that was the first time I was on Randalls Island... I may have to splurge on some seat cushions and get me some tickets - sounds like an awesome line up.

06-26-2004, 02:56 PM
I never made it to the Fleadh. I've seen pics of Downing Stadium, so I have an idea of what to expect. I plan to bring a couple of heavy sweatshirts to make the best of it, and an old ratty pillow that I don't care about, if it's allowed. I guess I'll have to find out. I haven't been to a show like this since I became ill. My plan is to get there early & stay parked in front of the main stage pretty much the whole time. If a band I'm dying to see is on a side stage, I'll just have to miss it. I can't imagine this is scheduled the way the Fleadh was, when they Van Morrison & Sinead O'Connor & Shane MacGowan were all performing pretty much at the same time, or something like that...there was definitely a conflict, and they had at least 2 'main' stages. It makes no sense that the Dolls & Stooges would be performing at the same time, so I'm not worried about that. That would be, as they say, bull****. But I guess I'll just have to wait to find out.

Here's a few pics from backstage at the shows the Dolls did in London this past week:

mad rhetorik
06-28-2004, 03:38 PM

Whoa...David Johanson is way too old to be dressing like <i>that</i>.... >_<