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02-25-2021, 11:40 PM
Purpose of the essay
The purpose of the essay is to develop the skills of independent creative thinking and writing out your own thoughts. Writing an essay is extremely useful, because it allows the author to learn how to clearly, competently formulate thoughts, structure information, use the main categories of analysis, distinguish cause-and-effect relationships, illustrate concepts with appropriate examples, justify their conclusions and master the scientific style of speech.

Requirements for the essay
The volume of the essay should not exceed 1-2 pages
The essay should be perceived as a whole, the idea should be clear and understandable.
It is necessary to write briefly and clearly. The essay should not contain anything superfluous, it should include only the information that is necessary to disclose your position, ideas.
The essay should have a competent compositional structure, be logical, understandable in structure.
Each paragraph of the essay should contain only one main idea.
The essay should show that its author knows and uses theoretical concepts, terms, generalizations, and worldview ideas well.
The essay should contain a convincing argument in favor of the stated position.

Essay structure
The structure of the essay is determined by the requirements for it:

The author's thoughts on the problem are presented in the form of short theses (T); the
idea must be supported by evidence - therefore, the thesis is followed by an argument (A). The
thesis is a narrowing that must be proved.

Arguments are facts, social phenomena, events, life situations and life experiences, scientific evidence, references to the opinions of scientists, etc. It is better to give two arguments in favor of each thesis: one argument seems unconvincing, three arguments can "suppress".

Thus, the essay acquires a circular structure (the number of theses and arguments depends on the topic, the chosen plan, and the logic of thought development):

introduction thesis,
arguments thesis,
arguments thesis,
arguments conclusion.

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