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02-19-2021, 12:12 AM

If you are interested in the dating secrets that the guys and I used, then read this article to the end. If you meet on Tinder and on Insta, then read it too, it will be useful.

First of all, remember that at the time of approach, you are a complete stranger and a stranger to her. And, besides, a girl, being in a shopping center, on the street or in public transport, can be quite deeply immersed in her thoughts. Therefore, take the approach carefully enough!

1. Eyes. Eye contact. Approach a girl only when you catch her glimpse. I washed it off in the fact that you already had contact and she appreciated you;

2. Approach so that the girl can see you, in sight. If you approach the girl from behind or suddenly jump out from behind the corner, it will scare her. And fear is in 90% of cases a refusal to meet;

3. Smile, positivity and friendliness. A smile and a kind look win over any girl. The smile should not be strained, but emanate, as it were, from the solar plexus, from the eyes;

4. The girl's personal space is inviolable. Try not to disturb the girl's privacy. The intimate zone for all people is of different sizes, but it is approximately equal to the distance of an outstretched arm;

5. Do not approach the girl directly on the forehead. You cannot approach to get acquainted directly "head to head". Psychologically, this is negatively perceived and repulsive. Perceived as hitting! Try to approach and meet at an angle and in the field of sight.

6. Take the same level with the girl. If a girl is sitting at a bus stop or on a bench, then it is better to sit next to her, instead of coming up and hanging over her, so she will have to lift her head;

7. Do not stop the girl while walking. When a girl is in a hurry on business, and does not notice anything, do not try to abruptly stop her, or even worse, block her path. This creates negativity. Remember that we are all busy at times, let go of the situation and move on;

8. If you are catching up with the girl, give time to evaluate you. When you have to catch up with a girl, you should not start talking to her from behind or as soon as you catch up with her. Overtake her by half a step and walk beside her for a few seconds, looking at her with a smile. And when she pays attention to you, then start talking.

9. Straight back and no hump! Good posture is a symbol of relaxedness and self-confidence. Approach her directly and confidently, stand upright, straighten your shoulders, do not hide your hands in your pockets, do not pick your nose and you will be happy.

10. Be decently dressed. Clothing should be clean, tidy and style should be maintained whenever possible. Do not go to get acquainted in "sweatpants" with extended knees or in a sweater with greasy sleeves and "katashka", this is repulsive. Nobody wants to meet a worn-out man. Make a good impression of yourself!

02-19-2021, 03:13 AM
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