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02-06-2021, 01:10 AM
The relationship between a man and a woman has been and will be one of the most important topics in this life. It is so arranged by nature that men cannot live without women, and women without men. But despite the importance of these relationships, for some reason we are not taught how to build them correctly. This topic is not seriously considered either in school or in other educational institutions. It is, as it were, secondary to most people. However, because of this, not enough serious attitude to this topic, both men and women, sometimes it is very difficult to build good, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with each other. But what can I say, about eighty percent of all the problems with which people turn to me for help are connected precisely with the relationship between a man and a woman. This is not enough, you must agree. So let's take a good look at this topic.

To begin with, let's think in general - where, how and from whom do we learn to build relationships with the opposite sex and with people in general? We learn this from the people around us, mainly from our parents, or from those who replace them. It is these people who, by their example, teach us how to deal with other people, how to behave with them, how to solve emerging problems in relations with them. Roughly speaking, if your parents set you a bad example - they will constantly argue with each other, engage in assault against each other, then most likely you will not have to expect good manners from you. It is also clear that we, again, learn about men and women from the people around us, both from their words and from their own example. If from childhood we are surrounded by alcoholic men, as well as women of easy virtue, without self-esteem, then it will seem to us that all men are drunks, and all women are easily accessible and can be treated like a thing. Bad examples are generally contagious, and when they still have no alternative, in the form of other, more correct and worthy examples, then a person begins to consider these bad examples as exemplary and the only true ones.

In connection with the above, we conclude that without a correct understanding of people, it is impossible to build at least some kind of competent relationship with them. Men are different and women are different, and when it comes to the relationship between them, you need to understand that there is no single correct pattern of behavior with different people. Each person needs their own approach, no matter whether it is a man or a woman. All people have their own characteristics that must be taken into account when building relationships with them. Suppose you are a woman, and you know about men only what you were able to learn about them thanks to communication with some of them, that is, thanks to your experience of communication with those men who surrounded and surround you. And suppose that you were not surrounded by the best men - liars, tyrants, degenerates. How will you build your relationships with future men? You will see in every man - a liar, a tyrant, a degenerate, that is, someone you have an idea of. This means that you will treat all men like liars, tyrants and degenerates. It is highly likely that this will be the case. That is, your past experience of communicating with men will make itself felt. How will men react to this? It is clear that it is not very good. And normal men will bypass you at all, because they have absolutely nothing to do with themselves, they do not want their beloved woman to see them as a liar, tyrant and degenerate, and treat them accordingly. That is why many men prefer to build serious relationships with decent women from good families, they do not want to have problems with inadequate women who are mentally disturbed due to a negative past. And women are often attracted to men they know about and whom they understand, even if they are not the best men. For example, if a woman's father was an alcoholic, then there is a high probability that her husband will also be an alcoholic. With men who know exactly as much about women as they know about them through their life experience, things are the same. They, too, are drawn to those they understand.

So, from the above, it follows that if you want to have the best relationship with the opposite sex, rethink your life experience. If you are a woman, find out about what kind of men there are in this life, what are their characteristics, what kind of behavior they have, how certain men relate to women and what kind of attitude they expect towards themselves. If you are a man, learn the same about women. You must be aware of what kind of people there are in this world, not only through your life experience, which is not rich enough to teach you everything you need to know about people, but also through knowledge about them. And if you cut all men or all women with the same brush, then your relationship with them will be monotonous.

02-06-2021, 09:26 PM
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03-08-2021, 03:59 AM
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03-08-2021, 04:35 AM
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