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01-23-2021, 07:38 PM
I'm hoping you all can help me decide whether to do 2 or 4 Atmos speakers in my new basement space. It is a wide open recreation basement area (not a HT room), so the ideal surround sound setup is simply not possible. I'm doing 5.2.2 or 5.2.4. I am not an audiophile by any means. I enjoy watching loud action movies..mostly "pre Atmos) war and action movies..(Saving private Ryan, Bourne Identity, U-571 etc.) I'm guessing most that don't even utilize Atmos.

I recently purchased ($400 off) a Denon 4500H which has the 9 channel capability, so I could do 4 Atmos. Or I could return that and get a Yamaha 1080 with 7 channel, for the same price, if I only do 2 Atmos. The framing is wide open so running speaker wire is not a concern.

I have ductwork in my basement behind the couch area, which greatly limits what I can put there. I also have limited back walls which impact where I can put my Surrounds. See layouts attached.

Based on these drawings, would you do...

1. 2 Atmos and put Surrounds in the ceiling (placed as close as I can get to Dolby recomendations
2. 4 Atmos and put Surrounds in back walls (which have to be spaced 24 feet away from each other (not ideal IMO)
3. 4 Atmos and put Surrounds in ceiling (which leaves the Atmos and Surrounds way too close to each other)

Hanging speakers on ceiling is not an option due to WAF. I initially wanted to try to do 4 Atmos since everything is wide open and many say if you can do 4, do 4. But I feel like I'm forcing 4 and wondering if it's really worth it for my situation (not an audiophile, room is far from perfect as it is, most of my movies may not have Atmos anyway etc.)

I appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance!