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06-24-2004, 06:18 PM
Just purchased the following new upgrade: :D :D

Primare I20 Int.Amp + ProAc Studio 125.

Question : Run-in Speakers :roll:

1. Dealer advise to run-in the speaker by:
- initial run-in using piano solo (due to wide keys diff - Low to High).
- second stage run-in using jazz (acoustic music).
- final stage run-in using whatever i want (pop + rock the last).

2. Estimated Run-in Time suggested 100-200 hours depend on volume of playing. :cry:

I think the above suggestion make sense but need second opinion.

I really need your opinion on proper run-in cause the dealer told that ProAc will sound amazing with Proper Run-in.


06-24-2004, 10:46 PM
How does it sound right now? If good and you're satisfied - I mean you're satisfied with them as they are now - then burn in can't hurt.

If you don't like the sound you're getting right now - then Play the speakers on a weekend at HIGH volume levels with a lot of bass heavy and treble heavy music - Sarah McLachlan's "Silence" on her remixed album should do the trick or something like Gloria Estefan's Congo. At HIGH volume levels for about 3-4 hours. Not high enough to blow but damn loud.

Now, over the next few days the speaker's sound unnacceptable they WILL not get better and you should return them. If you like the way they sound after the session you're set.