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12-24-2020, 01:19 AM
For hundreds of years, sex-savvy people have enjoyed coercing their partner. Hard BDSM bondage is one way to get a taste of power and strength in an erotic relationship.


From the side of the psyche, bondage, and BDSM practices in general, represent a manifestation of clear roles in a relationship where an active man forces a passive girl, limiting her movements. It is believed that the main thing in the entire flow is precisely the mental aspect, which is associated with sadomasochistic experiences. According to the popular English sexologist G. Ellis, any physical and mental restraint of muscle and emotional activity in people is associated with vivid sexual arousal. Hard bondage BDSM makes it possible for both partners to enjoy the process, depending on their psychological type. For the initially passive side, additional coercion, domination and inability to resist come to the fore. For an active person - a feeling of unlimited power and complete control of the situation. To confirm the primacy of the psyche in the process of bondage, there is an argument - when tying, the upper partner tries not to cause physical pain to the lower one. Also, with the increase in the role of women in society, a separate trend of female domination has appeared, in which partners change their traditional roles. And in such a situation, the man becomes the bottom. Sexologists agree that this for its reason has fantasies about the "mistress" of the boss at work, as well as the secret desire of any top at least once to swap places with his subordinate.

12-24-2020, 05:37 AM
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