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11-30-2020, 02:06 AM
In the field of education, basic educational processes are implemented through the cooperative interaction of functional, methodological, scientific, design and program, research and organizational and managerial positions of its representatives.

Traditional societies have three main educational paradigms:

Natural pedagogy. It is widespread mainly in societies that have not developed to the stage of statehood. This educational practice is based on a strict separation of the "adult world"and the" children's world". The former are allowed to perform rituals, have all the duties and enjoy all the rights available in this culture, while the latter are deprived of all this. The boundary between the worlds is set by the initiation ritual. During the period of life before initiation, the child in natural functions learns everything necessary for adult life, having passed the tests, having performed all the necessary feats in the rite of initiation, he is allowed into the "world of adults".
Esoteric pedagogy, or pedagogy of the ideal. It is common in the practice of training neophytes for complex and rare activities (priests, scientists, philosophers, artists, highly specialized and sacred crafts). Education in this practice is based on the neophyte student's hypermotivation, which occurs through the idealization of the teacher, and on imitating the teacher in everything without exception, without distinguishing between important and unimportant aspects, since neither the teacher nor the student can distinguish what is important and what is not important in complex and sacral activities. Teaching in this paradigm is accompanied by vivid cathartic and ecstatic experiences, which, on the one hand, implies, and on the other, forms a student's unique character and distinct personality.
Pedagogy of mass socialization and culture. It is represented in any traditional society by a system of norms, rules and regulations that regulate acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Schematically, this educational practice is very simple some actions and behaviors are encouraged, others are punished, the teacher points out the correct behavior and actions or demonstrates them himself, the student learns them directly (for example, imitates) or indirectly. Sometimes acceptable and encouraged actions are complex and require special knowledge, skills, and skills, then the desire to master them is specially encouraged. Encouraged and acceptable behavior can vary greatly for different social groups and strata, so education and education become social characteristics, generating qualitative inequality. Individual originality and creative impulses, as a rule, belong to the punishable actions in this pedagogy. The ability to "be like everyone else", typical average behavior, performance of ritual, Protocol, decency, and so on is encouraged.

11-30-2020, 05:22 AM
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