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Ex Lion Tamer
06-24-2004, 10:43 AM
Montreal is a city of festivals in the summer. The Jazz Festival is among the most respected in the world, up there with Newport and Montreux. They also have a comedy festival that has been a huge success for about 10 years now, and many other events that vary from curious to great.

I stumbled on a site for a new music festival in Montreal that I did not know about. It's been around for a couple of years and will be taking place from Sept 29 to Oct. 3. Though they don't have a list of acts up yet, the roll call of atrtists who appeared in the previous two years looks quite interesting; Broken Social Scene, Interpol, Queens of the Stone Age, Blonde Redhead, The Unicorns, The Constantines, The Stars, The Walkmen, Julie Doiron, Hot Hot Heat.

As I learn of details of the roster for this year, and the venues, I'll post them here.