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06-23-2004, 03:10 PM
I am thinking about getting used Onkyo DV-C600 6-disk changer for about 60$ used. It was top of the line model few years back and all the reviews state its unbelivable sound/picture quality. It has some shortcomings, such as inability to play CD-Rs, mp3, SACD (it can play DVD-Audio) and lack of progressive scan (but my TV does not support it anyways). In addition some of these have relyability issues, but the one I am getting seems to be fine. I am primarily interested in using it to play CDs and occasionally DVDs, that it for now. Can someone tell me how its picture/sound quality stacks up against modern day inexpensive DVD players? I just want to get a very economic sourse for now (<80$) and maybe upgrade it later.

N. Abstentia
06-23-2004, 04:10 PM
That's a toughie. A friend of mine bought that exact player about 5 years ago. I never liked it, the Panasonic I had at the time was a far better player and it cost half as much.

For that same $60 you can get a brand new player (Samsung, Toshiba, JVC) that will have better picture quality and a warranty, plus support for DVD-R, CD-R, WMA, and MP3. However that will be a single disc player.

Keep in mind the sound quality is a moot point as you'll be using the digital connection. Your receiver is all that determines the sound quality in that case, the player has nothing to do with it.

Also keep in mind that the Onkyo will NOT play DVD-Audio. It was made before DVD-Audio was on the market. It WILL play the standard DD/DTS track on a DVD-Audio disc, just like every other DVD player on the planet.

Plus, remember that player is merely a Toshiba player with an Onkyo badge. Onkyo contracted Toshiba to make their players back then.

So now that I've thought about it, I wouldn't buy it. I would either buy a new single disc for the same money or add a few more bucks and get a new changer if you need that. The fact that it's an old Toshiba would be enough for me to throw it in the trash, add to that the fact that it won't even play DVD-R, CD-R, or MP3 plus the fact that it's probably near the end of it's life cycle and I'd say pass.

06-23-2004, 05:50 PM
N. Abstenia,
Thanks for your reply. Would the newer cheap DVD players have better picture quality without Progressive Scan (my TV does not support it)? Also, in terms of audio, would connecting it through analogue outs make any sense if my receiver is Marantz SR8300?

N. Abstentia
06-23-2004, 05:58 PM
Oh yeah, video output quality has come a long way since that Onkyo player came out 5-6 years ago. In fact the Panasonic I had at the same time had a better picture quality that my friend's Onkyo (he had to have a complete Onkyo system!) It won't be a night/day difference at at the very worst it will be the same, but I'm pretty sure even a $60 Samsung will look better. I bought the $60 Samsung at Best Buy for my parents so I can tell you it's a nice player. But if you want a changer I'd go for Panasonic.

As far as the analog outputs, your Marantz should have a higher quality DAC than most budget players out there so I would probably just use the single digital connection. Of course the analog output would only be for CD (not for DVD) and it wouldn't hurt to try. The Marantz DVD/SACD/DVD-A player I have now has a better DAC than my Onkyo receiver (by far!) so I run it's analog outputs to the CD input for CD playback only. It won't hurt to try them to see which way sounds better.

06-23-2004, 07:53 PM
N. Abstenia,
Thanks a lot for your comprehensive reply!