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06-23-2004, 01:37 PM
I accidently posted these in the speaker forum too. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for not making fun of me haha.

1. I have a 6.1 A/V reciever. It was suggested to me to use a 2nd center channel speaker for the rear center position. Makes sense to me but will a regular speaker like the front and rear left/right speakers also be okay?

2. If I wanted to save a bit of money could I just hook up a 5.1 speaker system to my 6.1 reciever and then upgrade later? Will having 1 less speaker affect the power going to the others? I would assume it wouldn't but I'm not sure.

3. What do the grills on speakers do? I suppose they can offer some sort of protection to the domes and tweeters but do they serve any purpose acoustically? Does it matter if they are on or off?

4. I found a coaxial cable in my basement. What do I hook up with it? Does it go from my TV to me reciever or my DVD to my reciever?

5. Why does my reciever have a "TV IN" and a "TV Out"?

06-23-2004, 03:30 PM
1, yes if you have any extra speakers they would work there. same company sounds the best, "all matched up specs wise"

2, yes definetely, i have a 6.1 amp running my 5.1 set up and it been doing this for about a year, going to get 6.1 in a week or so. and it would have the same power to each channel.

3, mostly pretection from people poking the tweeters and woofers. on all my speakers i have the grills off, maybe its just my speakers but they all sound better with it off. "and look way cooler"

4, coax like tv cable or a digital coax? if its digital coax then it goes from dvd coax out to receiver coax in. if its regular cable coax, then its no use if you already have cable going to your tv. if you have audio output on your tv you run that into your receiver.

5.its for component video switching. you run all your components into the amp, then it sends it all to the tv with 1 connection. instead of you using video 1, 2 , and 3, on your tv you can have it all on vid 1.