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Jennifer J.
07-16-2020, 06:41 AM
1) Perform basic troubleshooting

2) Update printer driver

3) Set your printer as default

4) Cancel all print jobs

5) Check printer status

1) Perform basic troubleshooting hp printer not working (
You can do some troubleshooting at first when you find your HP printer stops working. You should check the status of the connection between your printer and your computer. Make sure your devices are properly connected with each other, and the network or the cable you use to connect these devices is normal.

You can also try restarting your HP printer. Turn it off completely and unplug the power cord, leave it for a couple of minutes, and then plug the cord back and power on the printer. See if your printer can print as normally as before.

2) Update or reinstall printer driver
In many cases, printer wont print issue comes from faulty drivers. You may need to update or reinstall printer driver to fix your HP printer not printing issue.