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07-03-2020, 12:08 AM
TEKNO 3 IPTV applications that must be tried in STB Android. IPTV short for Internet Protocol Television is a television service with Internet network that uses network architecture as well as method of Internet protocol suite through package-switched infrastructure network.

Then how to use it?

Currently to watch broadcasts through IPTV many ways and devices that can be used in the form of Set Top Box (STB) or just install IPTV applications on smartphones, the service we can see.

In addition, IPTV media can also be seen using the latest satellite receiver where IPTV feature is also available, so in addition can watch the impressions through satellite TV we can also watch Internet TV.

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The opportunity to try the sensation of IPTV summarizes 3 IPTV applications that you must try if you have Android STB

Kodi for IPTV

In its conclusion, Kodi is a free application that can give all your Home entertainment to your home. Kodi is equipped by a variety of interesting Add-Ons, such as movie, TV Channel, Music, Live Broadcast, and assorted. Although the use is quite confusing at the beginning, but Kodi is a must-have app and learn. Kodi can be called as a star on Android TV Box.


Mobdro apk ( is a very simple and unsightly IPTV application for users on Android TV Box. Unlike the ADD-Ons in the rigid Kodi, Mobdro is already in customisation so we feel comfortable.

Almost all TV channels from 12 different languages can be enjoyed and we live click with easy or search in categories and titles.

Redbox is also one of the must-try applications. The application that is symbolized by the television coming out of the red box offers you the opportunity to enjoy hundreds of television channels abroad.

With a minimum net of 5 Mbps Internet is a wide selection of channels can be watched. In this application, also provided the broadcast category.