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06-22-2004, 12:11 PM

I was just wondering what method any of you prefer to record your records to a digital file on PC. Right now I'm feeding my turntable to a integrated amp with a regular phono stage and capturing live audio from the sound card using a free program called Audacity. It's a little clunky and has a few too many links in the signal chain than i'd prefer, but it works. Needless to say being a free product Audacity has features but not many. I'd be willing to pay for something if there is a setup that is clearly oriented for vinyl transfer. It seems like I've read even about a dock for your PC that has two RCA plugins and a ground terminal specifically for phono, but now that I'm interested in doing it, I haven't been able to find any reference to it anywhere.

Can anyone help?


06-22-2004, 03:52 PM
if you have a digital input buy a numark ttx-1 with the digital output or get a phono pre with digital out then go into your digital in on your sound card

06-23-2004, 04:18 AM
I use a stand alone CD Burner hooked to my stereo. They work just like a cassette deck. Then, copy the files from the burned disk to my computer if I need them there or want to edit them further. It's a cheap solution since you can pick up a used burner on Ebay for under a hundred bucks and the quality is very good.

I know people have had good results, and I haven't tried it so shouldn't knock it, but I don't really trust running the signal through my computer to record. I just hear a bunch of weird sounds coming through the audio chain on the computer when just doing nornmal stuff and listening to a disc through headphones. I don't know if all the noise effects recording vinyl on a computer setup, but the stand alone burner method keeps me from having to find out, and is both cheap and effective.

Ex Lion Tamer
06-23-2004, 06:54 AM
Like Nobody, I record to a "component-style" stand-alone burner (in the analog domain) and transfer to a computer CD-R as a second step. Not as streamlined perhaps as going directly to a computer burner, but the extra step is not a problem for me. One consideration is most component burners must burn to a music-only CD, which are quite a bit more expensive than data CD-Rs. To get around this, I record to a re-writeable, music-only CD-R for the first step, which I re-use over and over, from which I transfer to a Data CD-R.

06-23-2004, 02:41 PM
as far as standalone burners go, sony professional, hhb, tascam, and 99% of all real professional units will use any CDR you want to feed it

07-09-2004, 04:55 PM
hi how you doin/.i recently did the same thing i got an audigy sound card with rcas right on front of card and burned some old lp right onto the harddrive!then a software turns it into mp3 pretty cool hey its real easy now to quick listen to your records on pc .does it sound as good as through main but it still is pretty good then you can burn it back to a favorites cd.try that with albums lol