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05-27-2020, 02:22 AM
If your HP Printer not printing ( and says you have a paper jam, there can be many reasons. First make sure the paper is properly aligned in the paper tray. If your paper stucking even a little bit, it can quickly turn into a jam. Usually, removing the paper from the unit and lining it up better to the feeding elements will clear up the problem. Paper trays are designed to hold a specific paper capacity. For some, it could be just 100 sheets, while others can hold an entire ream. Check your printer’s user guide for the recommended paper capacity – an overstuffed paper tray can instantly flag the paper jam warning in your machine. You should also make sure the paper or media type setting on the printer menu matches your current print job. Printers include settings for many different paper types like card stock, photo paper, or presentation paper. Thicker paper can cause a paper jam if the settings are off and a quick change of the paper type can resolve your paper jam message right away.

Small amounts of shredded paper junk lodged between gears that move your rear duplexer may leave your printer thinking there’s something lodged in the duplexer, not the gear. Examine the mechanical parts surrounding your ghost jam and make sure they operate cleanly.