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06-22-2004, 01:10 AM
Very simply, is http://harmanaudio.com/search_browse/product_detail.asp?urlMaterialNumber=AVR%20130-Z a good deal?

I am trying (very unsuccessfully thus far for reasons that are all too obvious) to purchase a HT system (speakers, sub, and receiver) primarily for listing to music and occasionally DVD audio at or under the impressive sum of 600 US (I'm a student). Frustrated trying to find suitable speakers (sats and a sub, unfortunately, due to size restrictions), I've turned to finding a receiver. My experience with Harman Kardon, though limited, has been good. I have their Sound Sticks (you can laugh, its okay) which I've enjoyed for what they are, cheap computer speakers, but I've never had a problem that wasn't the result of me knocking one accidently off my desk. Since sound is everything to me and not wattage, I thought maybe this was my match. It has technology to make my stereo audio collection sound good with 5.1 and Cnet gave it a great review for those who don't need to power huge speakers. I guess I'm attracted to it because it sounds like something a critical audiophile might acutally be impressed with. Opinions?

06-22-2004, 09:54 AM
if you like them and it seems to fit your requirments I don't know why you shouldn't buy it, its a good brand with a good reputation make sure you search around ebay and other places like audiogon.com and hometheaterforum.com to see if you can get a better price I am i your situation and have baught a lot of my equipment used with out any problems yet. so you definatly look into that also denons and yammahs make similar equipment and have a reputation for being solid budget reveivers

good luck have