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11-20-2019, 08:30 AM
I was offered a vintage turntable 2 months ago by an elderly chap. I liked the look of it and could tell it was well looked after. It was a Thorens TD 125 MkII. This has been my introduction to this gorgeous but sensitive piece, and despite having read the manual which came with it, I am yet to understand how to adjust or balance the arm correctly.


It is extremely temperamental and jumps in random spots that it will then play perfectly the next day.

Just tonight I've discovered the height can be adjusted and after raising the arm housing up about 1cm I've found it is less jumpy, however it does still jump randomly in spots that it then plays perfectly later.

I am rather stumped and do not know how to balance it properly, nor if there is a trick or art to doing so. I realise there is likely a lot more information I should provide that may help as the arm appears to be a custom arm, not the same as the one in the picture on the manual.


I am also aware the placement of the turntable is likely not helping, so I remain open to all advice and suggestions.


Could anyone advise me on things to take into consideration when attempting to balance the arm correctly to avoid these constant jumps I'm experiencing? Any assistance would be immensely appreciated, thank you!