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06-27-2019, 08:27 PM
A SACD Is A High Resolution Audio CD with a Difference!

Since Hi-Res Audio is now the best possible way to listen to music, for those of you that don't want to mess with the downloads but want to get the same Hi-Res quality, Sony and Philips Electronics have developed a way to get that High-Resolution Audio quality to play on a CD. The Super Audio CD - or SACD for short, is a optical audio disc designed to provide a much higher audio quality than that supported by the CD-Digital Audio format. In other words, you always get exactly what the original artists intended.

Super Audio Compact Discs (SACD) The Next Generation Music Carrier

The new Super Audio Compact Disc format, created by Sony and Philips, provides unprecedented sound quality in stereo and discrete multi-channel surround. To achieve its sonic performance, SACD employs DSD, a radically new digital encoding technology. DSD samples the musical signal at a phenomenal 2.8 million times a second, 64 times the amount of a traditional CD. The result is an extremely smooth digital waveform with unparalleled frequency response and dynamic range.

Houston, We Have A Problem

Although these new Super Audio CDs sounded amazing, there has been one problem. You couldn't play SACDs in a regular CD player! It would only play in a high priced SACD player. So in the last few years the Super Audio CD Hybrid Disc has been developed. A Hybrid SACD was designed to be completely compatible with the millions of CD players in the market today. Hybrid SACDs actually contain two complete layers of music information. One layer contains the high density DSD recording that can be played in the new generation of stereo and surround SACD players. The other layer is a conventional CD layer, which can play on any CD player.
Now with the development of the Super Audio Compact Disc™ (SACD), which utilizes the extraordinary Direct Stream Digital™ (DSD) recording technology, the foundation exists to launch a new era of High-Resolution Audio DSD format recordings on the Super Audio Hybrid CD.

The Problem With The Hybrid Disc Kept Lurking

Although the Hybrid Disc solved the problem of only being able to play Super Audio CDs on pricey SACD Players and not being able to play them on all regular CD players, another issue was lurking. When you play a SACD Hybrid on a standard CD player, you're not getting the benefit of hearing the music in High-Resolution Audio because only the conventional CD layer is being used and not the Hi-Res DSD layer. Therefore, you only get to hear the Hi-Res Audio format if you play it on a SACD Player.

Introducing The New HYBRID 3 Technology Super Audio CD

Now the problem has been solved with the New HYBRID 3 Super Audio CD. With the newly developed HYBRID 3 technology, you can not only play it on All CD players, but now you're able hear it in Hi-Res Audio quality even playing it on your standard CD player just like the expensive SACD Players! So you truly get the best of both worlds. The New HYBRID 3 is compatible with all CD players and can be played on SACD Players and all standard CD players. Not only that, even if you're playing it on your regular CD player, you are still getting the same High-Resolution Audio quality as you would playing it on a SACD Player.

The New HYBRID 3 Super Audio CD Uses 3 Layer Technology

https://www.whatsbestforum.com/data/attachments/39/39997-a642944d1d6343e9e667c9dca492a785.jpg (https://www.whatsbestforum.com/attachments/hybrid-3-technology-png.49523/)

The ingenious newly developed HYBRID 3 incorporates 3 CD layers and intertwines and combines them to produce and make it possible to play Hi-Res Audio quality, DSD format on any CD player. The first layer contains the high density DSD recording for the SACD Players. The second layer is the conventional CD layer to make it possible to play on standard CD players. The third layer is the finished product, a combination of the first two layers utilizing both concepts to produce the final result. The HYBRID 3 Super Audio CD!

https://www.whatsbestforum.com/data/attachments/39/39999-be77905bbc57077f8dc4d45af7b78a01.jpg (https://www.whatsbestforum.com/attachments/hybrid-3-tech-small-png.49525/)

So start listening to your music the way the artist's intended for you to hear it. The best way possible with High-Resolution Audio. Listen to it like you were right there in the studio with the musicians. Start by building your Super Audio CD [SACD] collection by checking out the New HYBRID 3 SACD's.