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04-16-2019, 09:40 AM

We present to your attention a professional two-way speaker system, model Wagner.
Impeccable workmanship, high quality components and the best acoustic solutions satisfy even the most sophisticated listeners. Appearance of the Wagner system sets a special atmosphere of nobility and solidity, playing a decent party in any of the most refined interior, emphasizing the high status of their owner.
The principle of sound from one setup implemented in the system creates for the listener the only true sound architecture: having heard it once, it is no longer possible to be content with something else.
The fifteen-inch speaker easily saturates the area with sound, revealing all the emotions of a piece of music, preserving the delicacy of presentation and accurately conveying the scale of a composition. The high-frequency driver, located in the center of the main speaker, thanks to a specially developed frequency filter, harmoniously merges with the main speaker, which gives the sound absolute wholeness and realism.

Internal structure of the Wagner system developed by our engineers, without exaggeration, represents a unique acoustic instrument. During its development we succeeded to achieve absolute neutrality of its sounding, imported with inexpressible freedom and lightness of sound.

Uncompromising approach of our experts in the choice of acoustic solutions allowed to create the sound that can be enjoyed for hours. The main advantage of the Wagner system is the emotions, joy and happiness that they carry, keeping their owners in the world of music for hours.


Recommended amplifier power 50 – 450 Watts

Consumption power handling 300 Watts

RMS Frequency response 32Hz – 22kHz, (-6dB)

Sensitivity 99dB (1Watts / 1m)

Nominal impedance 8 OhmsTypeTwo-way


Design coaxial high-frequency and low-frequency drive units

High-frequency 70mm (2,8”) witht titanic dome, horn-type,neodymium magnetic system

Dispersion 80 degrees, conical

Low-frequency 380mm (15”) withpaper diffuser, neodymium magnetic system


Frequency 270 Hz acustical, 900 Hz electrical

Type Bi-wired, passive, low loss, Istorder for LF

IInd orderfor HF

Quarter-wavelength resonator


Enclosure type Quarter-wavelength resonator

Volume 440l

Dimensions 1630 х 770 х 640 mm

Weight 118kg

plk-audio. c o m

If you have any questions, leave them. I will gladly answer

04-19-2019, 01:35 PM
Hi, folks.

Everything happens on the run, so, I present the information that is on hand. Gloss will be later.


The program which was used for measuring REW v5.18

Measuring microphone MiniDSP UMIK-1

Frequency response smoothed 1/6 octave filter

Hump 200-500Hz - room response, when listening, these frequencies do not dominate

The decline in the frequency of 2600hz is -6dB

The measurements were performed in the range 20-30000Гц

A little bit later, we`ll use another microphone to measure the frequency response after 20000hz

You can freely asking the questions. If you interesting, of course.

04-19-2019, 01:38 PM
I don`t know can I post links here, but on our site plk-audio., we have links to youtube and facebook (64 photos)


05-02-2019, 04:38 AM
The review of professional sound engineers A. A. BOKOVIKOV and V. A. KATKOV
(Teachers of musical sound engineering at "The Ural State Conservatory in the name of M. P. Musorgskiy» )

After listening to the PLK Wagner system we would like to point out a number of either positive and negative points:
For advantages, we would like to accentuate on fairly fast focused bass without a hint of «reflex slur», that is quite a difficult task taking into account such dimensions of the speaker and the whole cabinets. These features of the low-frequency part of the spectrum have a positive effect in conditions of a non-ideal listening room. The cabinet design as a whole does not give any audible artifacts and overtones.
Besides, as an absolute advantage, the choice of coaxial design of the two-way system should be noted. This allows you to get a fairly flat phase response in the entire range of work. We liked the good, clear and fast testing of transients, which, when using a fast and neutral studio amplifier, makes the system close in its sound to the studio far-field monitoring systems.
In general, the system is critical to the acoustic design of the room and its location in it. It should be understood that the system of such dimensions and design will not sound correct in the rooms with low ceilings and an area of less than 30 square meters. Also, if the room is not sufficiently prepared, such features as absence of clear phantom center and significant loss of clarity of the sound stage may manifest themselves while the listener is moving around the room.
It should be noted that after listening to the system with several amplifiers, their significant influence on the character of the whole system sound was found out. The system requires careful choice of the amplifier for the aesthetics and needs of a particular listener.

And some video for example of sounding

05-06-2019, 09:22 AM
One more review from PANOV EVGENII (


In my view a distinctive feature of this sound system is solidity and I would even say thoroughbred sound. I spend much time at work in my studio and my ear got used to dry and accurate sound of professional studio monitors. Household acousticsas a rule hasaspecific color. Therefore, to be honest, I did not expect to hear such an accurate, “uncolored” sound. Of course, there are differences from the studio monitors sounding but Wagnermakes you believe in purity of its sound from the very first moment.

Even if you are accustomed to sounding of the music you know, this system will open it even more deeply, making the smallest overtones audible that it seems – if you reach your hand out — you would touch the performer. Due to the large dynamic, with its “breath” the system reminded me of Tannoy Westminster. It has the same strong and expressive sound field. At this, there are differences in sound transmission. Wagner sounding seemed to be more transparent, while Tannoy accentuates the lower frequency a bit harder. And yet I would listen to Wagners due to more comfortable and unfatiguing sounding.I would like to note that PLK managed to find the line between brightness and delicacy of sound delivery: they created truly noble sounding. Thank you for the opportunity to get acquainted with such a system.

07-18-2019, 12:26 AM
wow, so good.

10-21-2019, 07:19 AM
so good

11-10-2019, 01:43 PM
Absolutely gorgeous setup Ivan!

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