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03-06-2019, 03:11 PM
A friend has offered me a pair of Thiel CS2 speakers with a Audionics BK-ST 140 pre-amp, Rotel RC-1070 amp, and NAD 5000 CD-player for about $1,000. I have a small NAD CD player and a pair of Focal bookshelf speakers, so this would be a big upgrade for me. I love music but have not gotten anything fancy in regards to audio equipment and don't know anything about it. I have two questions:

1. Are Thiel CS 2's weak in regards to bass? Because they seemed a little tinny to me without a lot of bass. Could just be my friend's set-up.

2. The only space in my apartment that might work is a 15' by 7' room. I wouldn't easily be able to put the speakers on the wide side because of door placement. Obviously this would not be an ideal set-up. My question is, given my alternative, would having this system in a non-ideal system be a decent option?

Thank you!