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02-10-2019, 01:00 PM
My system entails an Adcom GFA-545 Amp rated at 100 W/C, the Quad 33 Pre with upgraded boards from NET Audio, Oppo BDP-83 Disc player (which I use for audio CD play) and a Sansui TU 717 tuner. My system plays wonderfully when I play chamber music, jazz, acoustic, rock etc. from my cds. The problem I have is symphonic music when the whole orchestra plays together, the mid range sounds muddied. there is no problem with when jazz combos play together or even any discernible problem for me when listening to smaller chamber orchestras. If it were not for this mid-range muddiness I would have no problems. Also, how these speakers are able to reproduce the human voice is magnificent. I am thinking about either upgrading to the new Monitor Audio Silver 300 or the Paradigm Prestige 85F. Both are in the $2,000 range. Would love to hear thoughts about whether either of these would solve my problem with my present system or if anyone has thoughts about other speakers I should consider in the same general price range