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06-21-2004, 04:47 AM
This will show you guys how much of a newbie I am, PLEASE be gentle!!Ok,ok, here goes. I am now building my first(semi)suround sound system. My system is as follows, Axiom M80s fronts, VP150 center, QS8s surrounds, no sub. Direct TV PHILIPS Model DSX5353R dss satellite receiver, Sony 43" KP-43HT20 (Thats the next upgrade, a flat screen), Onkyo DV-CP701 6-disc carousel DVD/CD changer, with a Sony SLV-N750 HiFi VCR, all being powered by my just purchased Denon AVR-3805. The question is, for all this equipment, what cableing, i.e.,optical to where, RCA to where, etc.. would be the best hookups for best sound and picture. I am not (at least not now) interested i n playing music in other rooms. I just want to be able to play my music and look at movies in my livingroom, ONE room. So all this talk of Zone 2, 3,, etc.. is very confusing to me. I look at the back of the Denon 3805 and I see Zone 2, 3, but where is Zone 1? Isnt that where I want to look and listen to my music and movies? How would you guys accomplish this. I want to do this right guys so I am counting on a little friendly help, advice,........anything!!


06-21-2004, 09:56 AM
Disclaimer: I'm not entirely familiar with the specific models you've listed and I'm too damn lazy to look them up.

This should work:
Direct TV ~ 3805: Use optical to DBS or STB optical 1, S-video or Component (if possible) for DBS/STB video in

DVD ~ 3805: It depends on if you prefer the Onkyo's DAC's or the Denon's DAC's. If you like the Onkyo's, use RCA's to DVD audio in, if you prefer the Denon's, use optical 2. Again, s-video or component for video.

VCR ~ 3805: Do they even have optical for hifi VCR's? If so, use it. Otherwise, do the same as the other sources listed.

TV ~ 3805: RCA's audio out from tv to tv audio in on 3805.

The good news is that you'll only need one video cable going to the tv. Whether you use component or s-video depends on what you used to connect all of your video source equipment. Video-up conversion does not upgrade a s-video signal to component quality so if you used all s-video cables, it wouldn't make a helluva lotta sense to connect your 3805 video out to the tv with component cables, would it? OTOH, if you used a mix of s-video and component cable while connecting your sources to the 3805, you'd be shortchanging yourself (technically of course) by using a s-video cable from the Denon to your tv. Make sense?

FWIW, I would highly suggest you get the Crutchfield HT installation guide as the cable labeling stickers are worth the cost of the guide alone. It is waaay easier to understand than the Denon owner's manual. I got it free when I ordered my surround brackets.

Zone 1 is the default area. Forget the other zones and anything labeled in those areas for now.

Nice receiver btw.

06-21-2004, 01:32 PM
Just a few things:

If you want to be able to record things with the VCR you might want to hook the sattelite dish up to the VCR and the reciever. You might want to do the same with the DVD player. Both the DVD player and the sattlelite dish reciever should have two channel analog audio and video outs that can be connected to the VCR. See the link below for what I mean: