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06-20-2004, 09:26 PM
hi guys, ive been playing around alot lately, and ive discovered i love the sound of having multiple amps and tons of speakers in my surround sound while listening to music mostly but as well as movies.

right now i have a 5.1 amp "cheapy panasonic" with 5.1 hooked up to it.

as well as i just hooked up a stereo amp off the analog outs on the dvd player, and hooked up another set of towers.

so right now basically I WANT MORE. so i was looking for the cheapest amp with preouts and cam upon the new htr 5760. 95 watts a channel and 7.1 compatible. all the bells and whistles.

so what do you guys think of this amp?

what im thinking of doing is from my dvd player running the optical to the panny, and the coax to the yammy. and if that isnt enough 12.2 im going to run some more stuff of the preouts maybe a couple of stereos to drive some more fronts or surrounds and spread them around the room. would this amp serve me right? im thinking i could probably snag this amp for 400 - 450 canadian with some connections.

of course i will have to buy some more speakers for the extra channels :) probably what i would do is switch all my towers to the yammy and buy a bunch of little book shelves i can place all around the place.

i could could have 16.2 + going on "not discrete" but hey it would be dam cool and LOUD.

06-20-2004, 09:28 PM
forgot to throw this in

06-21-2004, 02:14 AM
That's basically what I'm doing. I have 9 speakers and a sub. If I had a wider room I'd also place two speakers to the side of the sweet spot. What I would do differently however is use the yammie for your main and pre/amp set it up for 5.1 for watching movies. For music you use the pre-outs to the panny. Your yammie will control everything and this way you can have a balanced volume on all your speakers.
I think a lot of audiophiles will laugh at this idea, but if your like me once you get use to the panarama of sound there's no going back.
Good Luck.

06-21-2004, 03:39 AM
My neighbor has the RX-V650 (same as HTR-5760). Great little receiver. In fact, I now think I went overkill in getting the 1400.
Good price on it too if you can pull it off. If memory serves, I don't think these units have phono hookups, so if you listen to alot of vinyl, it may not be the unit for you. If you don't own a turntable, by all means it's a great little receiver.

This Guy
06-21-2004, 06:18 AM
What you're doing is goign to end up in a complete mess. It won't sound good at all and you will get cancelation at some frequencies. Plus you are using two different speakers with two receievers, and one set will obviously reach it's limits before the other and you may blow them or the amp, and you may not even hear that they're distorting because it's so loud. Maybe just get that Yamaha and just run a 7.1 setup. Why do you need it louder? My marantz receiever powering my half DIY half Jensen speakers gets 115dB peaks at my listening position and it hurts to turn it up that much. I'm just saying your idea will sound real bad.


06-21-2004, 07:00 AM
well for movies i think i would most likely end up just watching with the yammy running in 7.1.

but when it comes to music dvd's it sounds AWSOME when you have tons of speakers going. "kind of a slight echoeing effect" but not to harsh just right for a concert feel. instead of all the voice from the centre its coming from 3 seperate speakers now, so the voices dont seem to be drowned out by all the bass and mis at high volumes.

i dont think i am powering anything beyond what it can do, i dont think im going to damage anything. and even if i do thats the beauty of this set up, its just whatever i can get thrown into the room, spare speakers from flea markets and garage sales and what not. i have a nice 6.1 set up in the basement already if i want to watch a movie i would probably go down there and watch it on the 61" tv. but for loudness, say a acdc music dvd nothing beats, tons of 6.5, 8, 10, inch woofers aiming at you.

This Guy
06-21-2004, 07:14 AM
whatever its your money

06-21-2004, 08:09 AM
When using your Yammie as the pre to the Panny the panny should have a direct-mode switch. This sets the power level in that amp and it is just acting as an extra amp. In the case it doesn't have a direct-mode or your using a stereo amp you simply set the volume on this second receiver to approx. 50 to 75% and the Yammie will control the volume.
I don't think timbre matching in stereo is that big a factor. The speakers will just blend together, and one speaker can make up for another speakers inadaquacies. But I would try to have all the speakers at equal distance to your sweet spot so you don't have one speaker masking the others.
If it sounds good to you go for it!

06-21-2004, 09:20 AM
i can run the pre outs from the yamaha into the 6 channel input on the panny and it should work great.

i also did something cool last night, i turned the treble and mid all the way down and the bass at middle, so pretty much its like 2 more crappy 8 inch sub woofers. thats something good for movies, and i dont get the voice echo