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02-16-2018, 05:53 PM
newbie here, i have a Jolida sj502a integrated tube amp. And a Velodyne HGS12BG11. The Jolida has no sub out.
Currently i'm running a Lenco L75 into an Art DJ Pre II. And from there i've cabled out into the Velodyne inputs. From the 80hz high pass outlets of the sub i'm running cables into the Jolida, and from the Jolida i've hooked up a pair of EPI Series 3 model 120 speakers.
Is this the best way to do this ? I've been running it like this for quite a while but this last weekend we had a party and next day the mids and tweeters were gone on the EPIs.
I now have the choice of repairing/upgrading the components of the EPIs or buying more vintage speakers.
I play mainly 60's soul, some folk and a lot of reggae. The latter requires some bass.
Any recommendations for speakers that wouldn't require the addition of my Velodyne sub. Or is there a better way to hook this sub up?
many thanks