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01-22-2018, 05:54 PM
Recently I been upgrading again!!!

I replaced my aging Vizio VF5500 with a new Vizio P55-E1 and it was a good move as I also have upgraded my Blu Ray player from the Pioneer 80FD to the 85FD. The P Series has been impressive so far, I streamed VUDU via the built in Chromecast app and watched Dunkirk & Blade Runner 2049 in UHD.

The pioneer 85FD does a good job of up converting to UHD, I watched SWVII, Total Recall (new version) the PQ is vivid very rich with depth without blooming or halo.

02-03-2019, 10:53 AM
It's been a year since I added this Vizio into my home and now its time to do an update review after a year of use.

I can not officially claim this, but from reading the manual and other reviews on YouTube, I may have gotten one of the early versions of the Quantum dot TVs. The manual states that it was made with the technology, but Vizio didn't officially release those sets until last summer. If its true great for me!!!!. The TV has not blinked a bit a very strong performer and I would say from a price point it can hold its own with Samsung, Sony and LG. When I went to buy a new TV last year I took a hard look at the Oled's, but could not justify the jump in cost over this model or even the Samsung's with the quantum dot tech, so price won out. Over the course of the last year I have made improvements to my gear to take advantage of this 4k monitor. And that is exactly what this is, is a 4k monitor. There is no tv tuner built in this set, so it needs to be feed a source. I watch Tv via amazon tv box now days and they have been upgrading their systems also over this last year to bring more 4k programing. It has chromecast built in, but the only app I use from it is Vudu. As for my small upgrades, they consist of better HDMI cabling. I found out you need 18gbps capable cables to send 4k content. My Pioneer Elite SC LX502 is capable of upconverting 1080p sources to 4k, so I run the Amazon box through it to allow all my content to be feed in 4k. I am able to verify that by hitting the info button, across the top bar of the screen it tells you what type of signal it is getting. It will say 2160, along with sound DD, Atmos and even HDR10 or DV (dolby Vision). I have my Pioneer Elite BDP 85FD hooked up using both the main & sub HDMI out, (they say it sends a better PQ to TV and better SQ to AVR). At this point I can say this was a very good upgrade all around, I feel I got my money's worth and that is most important to me.

02-08-2019, 11:43 PM

07-31-2019, 11:19 PM
The Vizio is a good TV for the price.