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12-30-2017, 11:02 PM
I have a question concerning the Boss LPCWTR30 Rear-View Camera.
It is a wireless system. I have a transmitter (the camera) and a receiver. The receiver has two RCA cables and a black and red lead. Since it is wireless I will not be utilizing the two RCA leads. My radio is also a Boss BV960NV Elite. Once everything is wired to the radio I have a free purple wire labeled "reverse". My question is this: Do I have to find my reverse light wire under my dash and attach it to the reverse wire from my radio?

Second question: The two additional leads from the receiver; do they just get wired to power and ground?


At the camera end I only have the two leads (and RCA that is not utilized with the wireless) which get attached to the reverse light at the rear of my pick-up.

Is there someone out there that could lend a hand? The instructions that came with the camera are absolute crap.