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11-21-2017, 06:28 AM
Hi all!

I purchased an Onkyo A-9050 as part of a whole house solution for two reasons. 1- Pre Amp Outs, and 2- Auto Standby.

Inputs are 1- Sonos Connect and 2- CD Player

I never tested with the CDP, but when putting the unit into Auto Standby, even with the Sonos playing Pandora, the Onkyo shuts down in 30 minutes as if not getting a signal.

I spoke to their Tech Support this morning and they felt that maybe the Sonos is not sending a strong enough signal to let the Onkyo know it is active. Variable Volume is being used, the Onkyo is set to 12 o'clock and all rooms have their own volume controls and overall volume is controlled by iPhone App.

I found this Line Level Signal Booster and trying to figure out if it would do the trick of sending a stronger signal from the Sonos to the Onkyo.

Line Level Gain Boost (

Any help or other suggestions would be great.