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idiot wind
09-01-2017, 03:18 PM
Hello I'm new, could you tell? Anyway I have a Sansui 5000A amp I bought in 1970 in Okinawa while living there protecting our country and chasing the local ladies. Left channel blew back in the mid 70's and took it to the local electronics guy who repaired it. It worked fine up into the mid 90's when it blew again. I put it away (original box) and bought a Dennon, nice unit. I retired in 2006 and spent several years fishing and fooling around when I ran into the box, took out the old amp and decided to see if I could fix it. Took it out of the wood case and guess what, it was filled with all this electronic stuff. Now you know my problem. I am handy with my hands, and am a good shade tree mechanic and ain't afraid to try anything. I know just enough about electronics to be my name sake on this forum. Sooo here is my knowledge, I can tell what a fuse is, a capacitor is, and I can use a multi meter to determine voltage, ohms etc, but that is about it. So what do I do, and take it to repair shop ain't an option. Need a place to start, have been reading this forum and others to try
to get some understanding of where to begin and what the problem is. I can read a schematic if I have a chart of what the symbols are. I want to do this if I can but boy do I need help. Got any suggestions?