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01-03-2017, 08:21 AM
So glad the porn spam is gone and thought I'd give this a shot and see if anyone still visits and/or cares.

In no particular order, here are my top 10 for the year, although Car Seat Headrest is my likely favorite, at least today:

Sturgill Simpson - A Sailor's Guide to Earth

Pinegrove - Cardinal

Bon Iver - 22, A Million

Mitski - A Puperty 2

Car Seat Headrest - Teen of Denial

Hiss Golden Messenger - Heart Like a Levee

Kevin Morby - Singing Saw

Whitney - Light Upon the Lake

The Hotelier - Goodness

The 1975 - I Like it When you Sleep... (this one might be a stretch but it is, indeed, infectious).

01-03-2017, 09:29 AM
So glad the porn spam is gone and thought I'd give this a shot and see if anyone still visits and/or cares.

Porn spam, eh? Guess I missed that, but I'll pretend to care and post some of my favorites too :)

Just kidding, nice list of albums there Swish, I like some of those too, but my stab at 2016 favorites of the year went something kinda like this ... I'm just gonna concentrate on the indie pop/rock albums, because those are the ones that I listened to most, roughly in order of my favoriteness, though there were some great major label releases this year, no doubt about that ...

Indie Pop/Rock Top 10
The Early Years - II
Virginia Wing - Forward Constant Motion (and Rhonda EP)
Josefin Íhrn + The Liberation - Mirage
Lake Ruth - Actual Entity
Emma Ruth Rundle - Marked For Death
Wolf People - Ruins
Lola Colt - Twist Through The Fire
Oskar's Drum - A Cathedral of Hands
Richmond Fontaine - You Can't Go Back ...
Exploded View - Exploded View

Best EPs that would probably be in top 10 if full length of same quality
Califone - Insect Courage
Melanie De Biasio - Blackened Cities

Best majors not considered for top 10
PJ Harvey - The Hope Six Demolition Project
David Bowie - Blackstar
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree
Brian Eno - The Ship

Best live album
Dead Skeletons - Live in Berlin (2013)

Best split album
Presents for Sally / 93MillionMilesFromTheSun - An Arms Reach Away / Darkness Inside (shoegaze)

Best reissues
Richmond Fontaine - Thirteen Cities (Complete Arizona Sessions) (first vinyl issue)
Blue Mountain - Dog Days (first vinyl issue)
Bowery Electric - Beat (big favorite from 1996, finally reissued on vinyl from Kranky)

Best albums that I just couldn't fit in my top 10, but already regret
Limi˝anas - Malamore
Wovenhand - Star Treatment
Mitski - Puberty 2
Angel Olsen - My Woman
Hiss Golden Messenger - Heart Like a Levee

And a bunch of very cool shimmering shoegaze and dream pop that I wouldn't want to be without for long, especially the first couple
Dead Horse One - Season of Mist
Tears Run Rings - In Surges
The Lucid Dream - Compulsion Songs
Flyying Colours - Mindfullness
The Orange Drop - Stoned In Love
Newmoon - Space

BTW Swish, I think you would love The Early Years record, kind of a mix of New Order and Brian Eno at times, with some nice kosmische elements, some shoegaze/dream pop, post-punk/post- rock, just really well put together and a pretty great batch of songs, same with Josefin Ohrn, they really harken back to the golden motoriffic kosmische days of bands like Can and Neu! and Cluster and the rest, great stuff. The Oskar's Drum was a big surprise too. And for fans of Broadcast and the late Trish Keenan, the Lake Ruth album is great! I got the vinyl, but came with a 24/96 bandcamp download too, and really sounds pretty nice, kind of 60s vintage baroque pop, but brought into the new world, like with Broadcast and Stereolab. Very good record.

If anyone is interested or can even see that there is a post here (this site is barely working anymore), below are some youtube links for my top 10 ...

The Early Years "Fluxus" from II

Virginia Wing "ESP Offline" from Forward Constant Motion

Josefin Íhrn + The Liberation "Rushing Through My Mind" from Mirage

Lake Ruth "The Only One Who Knows" from Actual Entity

Emma Ruth Rundle "Heaven" from Marked For Death

Wolf People "Kingfisher" from Ruins

Lola Colt "Twist Through The Fire" from Twist Through The Fire

Oskar's Drum "Arms of the Dark" from A Cathedral of Hands

Richmond Fontaine "I Can't Black It out If I Wake up and Remember" from You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing to Go Back To

Exploded View "Lark Descending" from Exploded View

01-04-2017, 11:14 AM
Just a bump to see if I can post a reply and to see if it shows up in the number of replies since my last post didn't, this site seems to be kind of broken now, lots of database errors and login/logout problems, etc. Guess it's been abandoned, just the occasional tumbleweed blowing through, the call of the lonely whippoorwill ... even the ghosts have moved on.

01-07-2017, 06:44 AM
Yeah, someone told me (on Facebook) that you replied, otherwise I wouldn't have known. It still shows zero replies.

As for the porn spam, it was on nearly every thread. Fall Girl contacted the owners of the site and told them about it, and they took care of it (finally).