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06-18-2004, 03:55 AM
I bought this player second-hand definitely knowing what I was going to buy - ne plus ultra digital thing with top-notch design and true sound reproduction capabilities. I will not add anything extra on the performance as too many spilled some good ink on the issue.
I am faced with a minor problem some of you already touched upon here and there in the forum. So, please, help me: as soon as the Redbook or SACD disk is loaded, the TOC is read and I hit play, there comes a single crackling sound of metal origin right BEFORE the music starts. Then i hit stop some 20 minutes later and press start again - NOT a single crackle, the music begins to be reproduced as it should be.
Can it be that the laser positioning system misses the required sector in the very beginning, realigns itself and emits this sound?
Please comment if you ever faced this problem and what possible actions can be of help to eliminate this nuisance.
Much obliged, Zack